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20th June 2014

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Once she kissed me, my heart slowed, and every muscle in my body relaxed. How much I needed her terrified me.

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9th April 2014



I didn’t wana go to school to begins with, I never want to go, I fucking hate that place. I dint stop moving at work from 3:00pm to almost 11:30, my feet are fucking throbbing, and I’m starving. Now knowing that you want to go without me to MEPS just fucking broke me. Maybe I’m emotional bitch ass but I hate realizing my parents won’t be there for anything in my life absolutely nothing I have to try with everything in me that they’re “watching from above” are you fucking kidding me, have you ever been to or seen “above” to know that it’s legit, no you fuck. I have no one in my life to look up to, growing up since I was 9 I started to loose my two role models. I’ve grown up without anyone to look to for advice, no one to share my secrets with, I was only a kid playing t-ball out front thinking I’d have this forever what’s the big deal if we don’t play tomorrow. Well one tomorrow never came for him and then another tomorrow never came for her. There’s a reason for everything huh? what the fuck is all of this shit for. I got a fucking check in my name with hella money my dad left me, it fucking kills me having that as the only thing left from him besides memories and a few pictures, I’d give that away in a heart beat just to see him for a second longer. I fucking hate that money. I’m grateful as all hell but shit I wish it wasn’t this way.
If I wasn’t so young and dumb I probably could’ve talked you outta some of the drinks you had, if I had just taken a second to maybe say “I need you please stay’ she would’ve stopped, they say nothing worked at all, I wish I treys that at least once. I want to hear you say it’s going to be okay my three pumpkins, just anything I’d give it all up to hear your voice one more time, one more hug, one more beach day, one more day. But no you were already to sick they called it a disease I don’t know how I feel about that but you were the best in my eyes, I’m sure it was just to get to him again and I find some comfort in that.
Sisters are nice to have, one moves out and the other will be in high school while I’m across the globe but at least I still share some blood on this earth with people. Now I’m about to graduate high school, at some point I’m graduating boot camp, then A school, one day will be my wedding day, another day will be your grandchild a birthday, and I’m supposed to keep on keeping on? I have daily reminders that haunt me from when I wanted to end this all. I didn’t, I don’t know how. I wasn’t going to be that selfish, I did it for everyone else, I wanted to leave. If I never stuck around I would’ve never gotten to experience a life like this, I can look at it like none of this was worth it, so much shit keeps happening it’s not worth it, or I can look at it like there is better to come, don’t get me wrong I’ve had amazing things in life go on, I wouldn’t change them for anything. I love the woman I’m with now, I’ve never had a love so great nor strong, I cherish this and us, there will be no end to that and now that I’m older I will make sure I will do everything not to waste a day away, not take her for granted, I’m going to fight with everything in me for us to stay together. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say but…
Good night

9th April 2014

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9th April 2014

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9th April 2014

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She’s not a “dime”
Shes not “shawty”
She’s not your “bae”
She’s a fucking princess
Treat her like one.
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9th April 2014

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9th April 2014

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9th April 2014

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9th April 2014

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9th April 2014

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9th April 2014

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how many calories do u burn by sliding down a wall crying

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2nd April 2014

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when i make a joke to myself and no one’s around to hear it




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23rd March 2014

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Hey look, a first kiss video with queer people, people of color, and a better body type representation.

Also, they aren’t actors/models! Real people!

Oh my gosh, my face hurts from smiling so much! So much chemistry! Forehead kisses! Laughing kisses! Kisses with no preamble! Going back for seconds!

Just, wow. This is an instant pick-me-up! (As long as you like kissing, that is.)

That was so cute!


23rd March 2014

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captionless selfies???? who the fck do u think you are mona lisa

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23rd March 2014

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This little guy needed a break mid-walk


This little guy needed a break mid-walk

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